A new model of care

Recognising and sharing the importance of healthy living and wellness

Emphasising on the main message of the Yearbook “A New Model Of Care” that looks at moving beyond treating illnesses to promoting a healthier lifestyle and better wellness care, we have used bold fonts to get the message across loud and clear along with full page images. The cover features NHG staff doing exercises visually representing a healthier lifestyle. This is then carried through the main contents with images of people in action covering not only the new model of care but the existing forms too, such as community care, clinical care and education.

Providing accessible, affordable and quality care the National Healthcare Group is a regional health system for Singapore, collaborating with hospitals, speciality centres, polyclinics, patients, caregivers and the community to improve integrated care within the Singapore healthcare system. The Yearbook is a celebration of the year’s achievements, the people and a review of the ongoing efforts to understand and improve the country’s healthcare landscape.

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