Celebrating the success

The sharing of great success stories in Greater Klang
Through storytelling the volumes of InvestKL Success Stories have been created and designed to function as collectables and marketing tools. To be shared with potential MNC’s, reinforcing the success that not only InvestKL has had but also the success the MNC’s have found. The content is balanced by infographics pulling out the key facts for readers to take in.

A government investment promotion agency InvestKL is responsible for attracting fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 multinational companies to establish their regional headquarters in Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What better way to attract MNC’s by showcasing the number of MNC’s that are setting up in the Greater KL and their success stories in developing and growing their businesses through business activities, innovation and the local talent they have available to them.

Through the use of bold colours, fonts, large graphics and infographics InvestKL’s Performance Reports showcases their results in very clear, concise manner with no beating around the bush content.

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