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Visualisation of a toolkit for better communicating on food risks

This particular toolkit is “composed of a set of tools that allows consumers, the food industry, institutions and government agencies to explore the full range of activities in food risk communication”. Complementing the 168 page toolkit is a summary booklet both have been designed with a consistency and the connection between the two in mind. Using a pastel yet vibrant colour palette, the FIA corporate orange, infographics and approached with a very graphic look and feel we have a created contemporary and fun looking toolkit unlike the dry corporate looking toolkits or reports one may come across by institutions and government agencies.

Tasked with enabling major food manufacturers to speak with one voice on complex issues such as health & nutrition, food safety, sustainability, and the harmonisation of standards Food Industry Asia provides an important hub for advocacy and debate. Championing initiatives that promote sustainable growth and supporting regional policies that deliver harmonised results. As part of their initiatives they produce reports and tools on a variety of issues that need tackling, one such issue is the communication of food risks.

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