Client centric by nature

Refreshing a brand and redefining peoples perception of a law firm

After defining the Brand Personality, Promise and the overall Business, Brand and User goals, we looked outside the legal industry for inspiration. Resulting in the idea of the “consultant” which by definition embodies the brand experience that Azmi & Assocaitions aspires for. User friendly and easy to navigate visually the site is vibrant with inviting images and bold fonts with a colour palette that captures confidence, reliability, innovation, contemporary and accessibility.


With 20 years under its belt the Azmi & Asscociates law firm realised it was time to prepare for the next 20 years. With a website more than 10 years old running on obsolete technology it was only natural to revamp the website to something that is contemporary in terms of its design, functionality and overall brand interaction. Taking the firm forward in positioning itself as a relevant, client centric, well established and proven firm, attractive to potential clients and employees locally and internationally was a must.

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Branding, Identity & Corporate Website 

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